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6 months ago Shelby Kennedy

Unfortunately, there is no blueprint for approaching music advisors. Persistence and networking are “everything" when you are trying to get feedback. Try to connect with other music creators that have established their own networks.

Keep in mind that a great place to start is with Performing Rights Society because they work with both songwriters and music publishers. I recommend you reach out to (SAMRO) which is the Southern African Music Rights Organization. You should try to network in any other music industry associations and societies as well because you need to be in places to meet as many industry professionals as possible.

You should be more interested in qualified industry opinions and critiques because friends and family almost always tell you “what you would love to hear.” Honest critiques from professionals will tell you what “they would love to hear” and those are the opinions to progress professionally. 

6 months ago Andrew Apanov

Consider submitting your music to We use it for most of our artists, and the results vary, but usually we do see useful feedback and shares on social media coming from the industry professionals we submit the songs to. It's the fastest way to reach music influencers and experts which I know of.

You upload and describe a song, and then choose who you want it to be heard by. You can pick producers if you need feedback on the production quality, for example. You pay according to the rates of the professionals you select, but what's cool is that you get refunded on everyone who hasn't provided feedback to your music.

It may be a good starting point, maybe you will even end up finding a mentor there! Overall though, a direct cold approach to industry professionals may be frustrating, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend asking music business people who don't know you yet for feedback. Find the right approach to whoever you find, and sometimes it might mean using their paid services and build the relationship from there.

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