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6 months ago Mark Allen

Thanks for this question!

I'm certainly no expert on Country and the pitching/sync placement of it, but happy to offer some general advice. Likely Nashville is the place to be, and getting on board with a solid publisher with roots there (Secret Road for example), could be a good way to go.

I've never used Music Xray and they can be great for lower level acts, but remember you'll be in a giant pool of artists and getting through that can be very tough and often a very unpersonal experience. Companies like Sentric Music are a good option too. You can't pitch through ASCAP, they are just a publishing PRO, there to collect and distribute royalties.

Build relationships with publishers or other songwriters, practise your craft as much as possible. Finding a good publisher who can get behind you as a songwriter is always the best option!

6 months ago Louis Pratt

The best way to pitch your song is to start a conversation with someone!

There are no set-in-stone rules for pitching a song. Pitching via email is probably most common, but reaching out and making contact with VIP’s via social media channels, phone numbers, live networking, etc, are all options.

Pitching is typically a combination of two methods of outreach, the first based on outreach volume and the second based on strategic targeting. Most people pitching a song/artist/product will pitch generalized lists of targets looking to snag anything they can, while also taking the time to individually select and approach high-priority targets with an individualized copy (messaging) and strategy.

As far as Music Xray is concerned I’ve heard mixed reviews, leaning towards avoiding the service unless your recordings and songs are 10/10 excellent. Lots of people signing up, few people getting the golden opportunities their success stories may reflect.

PRO’s won’t pitch your songs but they will give guidance and advice about the subject, so check out your PRO’s website or give them a ring!

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