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6 months ago Nate Maingard

In the digital ages, the options are endless. If you have enough of an audience, you can start booking your own shows with relative ease. Find venues which are the capacity you are sure (or at least pretty sure) you can fill, contact them directly and find the most competitively priced. Book your date, set up your own event on an independent ticketing website like Eventbrite: (I have used them loads, they’re amazing). The thing to remember is that it’s all up to you: the booking, the promotion, the door person, etc. It can quickly get super complex and stressful, but it is an amazing feeling to run a successful show this way.

Other options are to start playing house concerts (gigs in peoples’ homes). A great book to get inspiration and education on for this is by Shannon Curtis, called ‘No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender’: The success of this model rests on whether or not your music can be suited to a smaller more intimate setting. Honestly, I reckon that with imagination a lot of different genres could work in this setting. House concerts are my personal absolute favorite way to play.

If you’re in London/UK, I’ve personally had success working with Tigmus: They are technically bookers, but their model is more supportive of the arts, and they’re a rad, passionate team.

Hope that helps!

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