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6 months ago Lia Hide

Where there are the means to a video projector, some background videos would be nice!
If you usually play on small venues you can use almost anything the Internet (beware that other people's work cannot be profitably exploited - meaning, it is illegal to have a movie playing while you're performing, unless the place you are performing has a licence to that).
If your music is relevant you can collaborate with a dancer and she or he can perform while you are performing! It depends on your music. You can go as far as having lighted candles and incense burning sticks to create a vibe, or hang black and white stylish retro pictures of people on a plain rope behind you, and narrate fictional short stories about them and link your songs to them. (I've done all of the above).

Don't be shy and don't be afraid. And test these first with your trusted friends!

Good luck!

7 months ago Ra Black

There are a bunch of “production” type things you could do, but many of these ideas can easily come off as gimmicky. Plus confetti cannons are surprisingly expensive… Instead, I’d focus on making yourself more interesting, more engaging. The way to do this in an authentic way is to first understand who you are. And for this, there is a brilliant acting method called Stanislavski's system ( There are some good books on the system but I’d highly recommend finding some acting courses that focus on this technique.

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