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7 months ago Nate Maingard

I would say the thing with Patreon is not to focus on 'reaching out to people on Patreon’, cos they’re not necessarily there to support you, they’re already supporting the creators they love. Yes, people who are patrons are more likely to become patrons of other people, but Patreon is designed to allow communities to support their creators, not for creators to grown a community on Patreon, if that makes sense?

I would say focus on making epic art, sharing it with the people who will be most likely to love it (your target market, to use the business term, hah), and then, when you have enthusiastic humans loving what you’re doing, ask THOSE people to pledge on Patreon.

Simply: focus on growing a community. Your community will support you wherever you are, Patreon or otherwise.

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