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6 months ago Bree Noble

Not to 'cop out' on answering this question, but it really depends on your strategy and where you target Audience likes to hang out.

That being said, I think right now Facebook live is the best way for musicians to connect with their fans and actually get them to take the next step on the fan journey with you. Instagram also has a new live element which I have not personally tried yet because Instagram is not really my forte.

So I would choose one of those platforms and start using the live streaming to connect with fans and attract new fans and go all in with that platform.

My most successful students using live streaming have created a weekly show and been consistent with a particular day and time so fans know when and where to find you. Hope that helps. If you have any followup questions let me know.

Nate Maingard is a modern troubadour and live-streamer. He’s been on the music scene since 1998 and right now he is in the top 50 musicians on Patreon. He is a guest lecturer at SAE, Ovation Award Winner and Gold VIP live-streamer on Periscope.


7 months ago Nate Maingard

That question is a trap. It’s not about which social platform is ‘essential’, it’s about which one works for YOU, which one aligns with your personality, style, vibe, audience, etc.

Are you very personable (or have a pretty face)? Then maybe youtube will work for you.
Do you love speaking, and have an awesome talking voice? Maybe start a podcast on Soundcloud.
Is your music all about the music, and really epic? Again, maybe soundcloud is great for you.
Do you love connecting with people live? Maybe try livestreaming on Periscope.
Dig taking photos of your tours, travels, etc? Instagram!

What I’m getting at is this: platforms come and go, and there is no way to keep track of them all, or find the one which is perfect for everyone.

You have to find the ones which allow you to communicate your message in the best way possible, to the kind of people who are most likely to love it (your target market).

Do your research, experiment, be consistent and make epic shit. Don’t stress too much about which platform. Focus on niche rather than mass, that’s where the magical weird people live who are gonna LOVE what you’re up to. Look up the vegan death metal chef for inspiration.

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