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Shelby Kennedy 9 months ago

Making the most out of your digital sales can be looked at a couple ways. You might be asking what can you do to maximize your profit or you may be asking how to maximize your audience's response after they have purchased or streamed your release. To maximize profit, you have to be diligent and creative in your marketing. You need to be sure to alert your existing fan base while reaching new fans. It helps to remember that today’s audiences like to “discover” artists and music they like. You need to be everywhere the audience is in order to be “discoverable..” Don’t assume new audiences will come to you. Your EP needs to exist in their worlds which include numerous music platforms and stores.

To maximize your audience’s response after purchasing your EP, you need to do some research as to where the purchases came from. Distributors like TuneCore can provide the locations and trends where the sales occurred so you can focus touring in the target markets. The sales you created should lead to other revenue streams such as ticket sales and merchandise sales as well. Identifying your audience and energizing them through social platforms sets you up to be discovered by others too. Social platforms are the best marketing tools because when you energize your fan base, they become marketers for you. Be everywhere and make everybody aware of discovery.

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