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A music genre is a form of categorisation. Genre theorists argue that a genre is not only a
means of categorising music based on characteristics (i.e. rhythm, melody, tempo) but also, is
socially informed, revealing dynamics and communication patterns among musicians.
effect, genre can be seen as “musical code”, as Brackett argues, that connects musical and
extra-musical attributes. This categorisation of music primarily serves the music industry.
Genres gradually become more dynamic, and changes occur. Often, such changes are seen as
hybridisation, resulting in a generic term, “fusion” genre.

The great philosopher, Derrida, asserted that it’s impossible to have any “text”, anything that
communicates a message, belongs to at least one genre and it’s impossible not to belong to
any genre at all. Certainly, there will be conflicts and tensions (is this authentic/original?) that
reflect genre ideologies, but all these categorisations and rules are socially made.

To answer the question about the specific song, this could be considered a new genre if a
group of people, the music industry, or any other authoritative agent will suggest it. In the
meantime – and at the same time – it could also be considered EDM. However, when it
comes to categorising it as African Isikuti, there may be disagreements and accusations that
this is not “authentic”. However, some people may see it as the evolution of Isikuti, and
accept it as such.

To sum up, musical style and social context and interactions can both define a music genre.

Ra Black,
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Ra Black 9 months ago

Yes, probably many people would. However, if you are a musician, I see zero value in gentrifying music. Leave this to the consumers and critics of music.
I understand that it is human nature to want to label things so to better understand them and so your brain can make everything clean and ordered, however this habit limits creativity.
Some labels do make it easier to communicate with fellow musicians but some are harmful, for example, "pop" is the most ridiculous "genre" and causes a great deal of confusion amongst musicians.

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