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Ross Barber-Smith 9 months ago

Most website creators come with a cost, usually a monthly fee. However, is a free option (and can be good to use, as you can upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress site in future which gives you much more flexibility over design and functionality). My suggestion would be to create a simple website for free initially, but upgrade to something more professional once you have a budget available. First impressions count, and the more professional your website appears, the better!

The question about usability is a little tough to answer and really needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. However, some general tips would be:

- Make sure your website is responsive (works on both desktop and mobile/tablet devices). This is becoming increasingly important as more people are browsing on mobile devices than ever.
- Make sure your menu/navigation is easy to find, and name each section in a way so that people know what to expect.
- Ensure that text is easy to read - in other words, you don’t want the contrast to hurt people’s eyes, and you want to make sure text is a readable size.

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