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Just because you are in the creation phase doesn't mean that you can't document the process. My recommendation is to be even more active then you would be in times where you have music out.

This is the time where you can focus on building strong fan relationships. Show them the behind the scenes process in how you create your music.

Use the tools we have to focus on your fans, i.e. Instagram Live a songwriting session, weekly vlogs on the creation process to appear on both YouTube & Facebook, etc.



6 months ago Andrew Apanov

The best thing you can do now is to start sharing the creation process with your listeners and followers. This is a fundamental and very important idea. You don't create a piece of art, such as an album, and then reveal it to the world, hoping people will rave about it. Even your fans may feel disconnected from your new music if they don't know anything on how it was crafted. On the contrary, when you invite your fans to be a part of the album creation journey from the beginning, those who join you may be more excited about the album's release than you!

Working with my artists, I often hear stories about recording sessions. Technical issues, struggles with sound engineers, mastering challenges: it's not an easy process, which an artist is usually involved in full. And for some weird reason, artists usually think that this stuff would be irrelevant and boring for their fans. It's not exactly true, as people want to be "backstage", they want to see how stuff is done. Especially if it's creative stuff.

So start sharing a photo, video, text updates from a studio, or your daily life, talking about the process. It doesn't have to be positive and fun news alone, show the challenges and the conflicts, too. Moreover, you won't be able to tell many of these stories after the process is done. And I'm not just talking about documenting the process, I talk about sharing it in real time. You don't have to invest a lot of your energy into this, by the way. Keep high-quality promo posts for when the LP is out, and do more Instagram stories and live streams now.

There is a lot more you can be sharing on your socials during this stage, of course, but give this approach above a shot first.

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