Phillip Ryan Block,
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First and foremost as to not have there be any confusion. This will take countless hours of frustrating work and dealing with a large amount of rejection or even worse simply being ignored. If you can accept that here are some important things you need to make sure you do while booking.


  • Do your research! Identify venues who host your style of music & provide what you need. The next part of that is to make sure you plan out where you want to go.
  • Be sensible, meaning don't cross the country just because two venues 10 hours or more want you on to perform.
  • Be professionally persistent.
  • Be realistic, meaning don't ask for more or less than you're worth. While you need to be firm on this if you are new you will have to play for door splits… it's called paying your dues.
  • It may even be necessary create an alter-ego for booking..for instance if your name is Chris… maybe Tony is your booking guy. Perception is often times reality for promoters and venue bookers.
  • Use the tools that exist… get good at google maps, use Facebook, IG, spreadsheets will undoubtedly become your best friend.
Lia Hide,
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Lia Hide 9 months ago

I'd let you in on one of my secrets:

First, find a sample or a template of a press kit with links to your music, your short bio, a description of what you do and some pictures.

Then try to follow up (Facebook, Twitter, anything is good!) some artist that are relevant to what you do and play in the same town/region as you. Then check out these places! Be bold, go ahead and contact them! Many will say no, others won't even reply, but don't be drawn back, keep doing it! Once you get the pace, you'll start building your own contact list and you'll be more confident to it.

Also, go to gigs. Then find the manager, and ask to perform, too!

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