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6 months ago Christos

There are many high-quality brands for hi-hats in the current market, each one with its unique sound and identity.

The main sub-question here is “What sound you want to achieve and which genres you want to perform”.

An important thing to remember when trying to select a hi-hat is that size is incredibly important. The size of a cymbal is one of the most important factors in dictating its pitch and representation of frequencies. - Smaller hi-hats offer a brighter and punchier tone, making them well suited to genres that require a fast and aggressive attack with loads of cutting power. - Larger cymbals have a higher representation of bass and low-mid frequencies, resulting in a tone with more depth at the expense of brightness.

Four of the best brands currently are Zildjian, Meinl, Sabian and Paiste. 

Zildjian cymbals are endorsed by the drummers of:

Metallica, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Muse, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora

Paiste cymbals are endorsed by the drummers of:

Slayer, ZZ Top, Tool, System of A Down, One Direction, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd

Meinl cymbals are endorsed by the drummers of: 

Ozzy Osborne, Prince, Black Sabbath, Pendulum, In Flames, Kelly Clarkson

Sabian cymbals are endorsed by the drummers of: 

Korn, Mika, Sigur Ros, W.A.S.P., Billy Idol, Lil Wayne, Slash, John Legend


Below can hear four of my best suggestions by visiting the links below:

Zildjian: (400£)

Sabian: (320£)

Meinl (315£)

Paiste: (170£)

I hope that will help you to select the best one for your ears and music style!

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