Suzanne Paulinski,
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Suzanne Paulinski 7 months ago
Just start. Truly. Not starting will still keep you inexperienced and still keep you new. Begin and embrace mistakes. Look at starting like you're beginning school. Learn every day by doing.
Lack of confidence and fear of failing never truly go away when starting something new. Every day look in the mirror and acknowledge that fear. Accept it. Say, "fear, I see you, but I'm gonna do it anyway and I'm going to be better for it."
There is never "enough" expertise in something. But you only get closer to it by doing. Fail with grace and stay humble in learning and celebrate your courage and the small wins EVERY step of the way.
Ask for help when you need it, but remind yourself you've got this. Starting already puts you miles ahead of the millions who never do.
You've got this!
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