Suzanne Paulinski,
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Suzanne Paulinski 7 months ago
There is nothing more subjective in this world than music. So no one can ever make "better" music than you. No one can also never sound exactly like you, so celebrate that!
Remind yourself that YOUR best only comes out when you believe in what you're doing. So even if you make mistakes, make them loud and proud and keep going!
Surround yourself with positive, supportive people and distance yourself from people who bring you down. Not to say you only want "yes people" around you, but only keep people around who make you rise to the best version of you.
Journaling helps, too. Write WHY you chose music and what it means to you. Being clear on WHY we do things can help motivate us when we doubt ourselves.
Keep going and keep learning every day. You've got this!
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