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4 months ago Ra Black
- Go to jam sessions in the style of music that you like and try talk to the musicians after their performance about playing in next event.
- Go to small local gigs and try and get to know the musicians and the managers of the bands.
- Find and visit the music conservatories or tech colegies in the city. Have a look at their notice boards for anything that involves an opportunity to play or meet people. Also, enquire about enrolling (even if you’re not interested in more study), you might find out about concerts open to the public where you can go and get to know students. 
- Visit the music instrument shops and check out their notice boards. 
- Find out who the local booking agents are (ask someone at the local venues) and give them a call. Most agents only deal directly with managers of formed bands but these guys will know most of the local industry that actually makes money from music. If you’re nice enough and they’re having a good day, they might point you in the direction of a session musicians agency (which usually aren’t listed) 
- When you’re talking to people, focus on your love of music and playing (not making money). And stay positive, even if you encounter cynical people. 
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