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Phillip Ryan Block,
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First and foremost I know where you are coming from… I faced similar challenges in building up my brands. I have a few questions… what type of music do you play? What is your age? Learning about you & where your true fans exist will be paramount to building your success. Now.. once you figure that out, start showing them your journey! We live in a world where vloggers and those who show their day to day lives are celebrities. Let's use that to our advantage. The best way to get fans is to first know how to learn your fans then produce content for them in the way they love. For example, if your fans are vinyl lovers press to vinyl, if they are Snapchat users show them your journey on that platform, etc.


Phillip Ryan Block is an artist and the CEO of Independent Ear, a successful music company specialising in recording, management, branding, and booking. He recently founded Block Media Group, a Digital Ad & Creative Agency focused on branding artist and entertainment companies. Follow Ryan on Instagram.

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