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Lia Hide,
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Lia Hide 5 months ago

Well, you can't. You can never be sure. But are there any people whose opinion you really value? ask them. Also. When a song is finished, let it go for a while. don't listen to your songs, night after night, cause then you grow to love them, and you dont think with a clear head. Leave your almost finished songs for a while, and work on the more rough ones, then, try to think of a ideal song set for the EP. Do they match? Do you think they represent you? Your idea about music and who you are? Have you come up with an EP title? There's many things you can do, appart from getting sucked in the mill of any DAW, which will never actually end. If you only have 30 minutes to spend on your music, don't go to the music software. Try to google some labels, think of your artwork, socialize on the net with bands or artists that are similar to what you do. This is also work on your project. And a final thing. My MMUS teacher once told me, If you have your songs ready, with the best production ever, and you are commited to that, and you spend all your energy on this, and you practice, and you're doing your best, without spending time and effort on your promotion, is like having an infant, that you carried in you for 9 months, feeding it till it gets to walk and talk, and then locking it up , in a basement with no light or air, making sure you drop in to feed it, daily ( this is your 30 minutes, per say). You have to spend equal time on your promotion, as well. Believe it or not, this will clear your head on what to release, after all, and it might get you some important helpfull hands along the way.

hope I helped.. be strong, and carry on. It's a difficult thing, but you will make it, so be proud of you.

Lia Hide is a singer-songwriter, producer, music educator, and multi-instrumentalist. Her debut album was released by EMI, she then decided become an independent artist, besides that she wrote music for a Greek theatre. Lia performed in major festivals worldwide alongside acts like Tricky, Molly Nilson or Kovacs. She also studied piano, opera, musical theatre and popular music vocals, and songwriting and has been teaching these subjects since 2002. 


Ra Black,
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Ra Black 5 months ago

There are two approaches many artists have been successful with; 1) listen to everyone, 2) listen to no one.

Approach 1 involves canvassing as many people as you can (at least 20). Send them all the songs you have and get them to rank the songs and make comments if they feel like it. You may see a few tracks that are clear winners. The downside of this approach is that you get a homogenised consensus and I’d argue it’s better to evoke a lot of love from a small percentage of people than an “yeah it’s ok” response from a greater percentage of people. So if you go for this approach, keep an eye out for strong reactions in the comments section.

Approach 2 involves evaluating your music by yourself. Don’t ask for any opinions, instead evaluate your music against artists you love. A/B your tracks with some of your favourite artist’s tracks. Try and be objective about your music. Ask yourself some questions; which songs sound fresh, which songs hold your attention all the way to the end, which songs evoke an emotional response, which songs to you want to play over and over again.

Side note; I suggest not doing a half way house between these approaches I.e. asking a couple of people, unless these couple of people have a proven track record of successful hit spotting.

Ra Black is a singer-songwriter, a guitarist and half of the Indie electro pop band Monarchy. Their music has been released by labels like Kitsune, Neon Gold, Ultra Records and they are now signed to Warner Music. Years of performing live and making music have made Ra Black en expert in touring, recording and revenue streams. Follow Ra Black on Instagram


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