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Nate Maingard,
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Nate Maingard 3 months ago

I would answer this question by asking another question: "Do you have good internet?"

If the answer is yes, then I would start livestreaming your music. Set up a camera (or more if you're tech savvy), or just use Periscope, and start sharing 'shows' online, connecting with a global audience. You can be almost anywhere and do this!

Secondly, youtube videos! Start covering songs you love, and sharing original songs if you have them. Create a youtube channel and get it out there. Treat each video like a gig. Practice for it, create something you're proud of and share it with people who you think will love your music.

This way you can start to connect with a global audience before you ever leave your town. You may suck at making videos, or livestreaming, but you'll get better with time and practice. Don't wait for the people to come to you...go to the people! 

Nate Maingard is a modern troubadour and live-streamer. He’s been on the music scene since 1998 and right now he is in the top 50 musicians on Patreon. He is a guest lecturer at SAE, Ovation Award Winner and Gold VIP live-streamer on Periscope.

Ra Black,
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Ra Black 5 months ago

There are really only two options; stay or leave. If you choose to leave, then you will start from nothing in a big city where there are more opportunities to perform, but also more competition. Maybe this competition excites you and makes you a better artist, or maybe you’ll get crushed under the pressure. If you choose to stay, then I’d recommend creating your own opportunities to perform. This can be a lot of work, it means being your own agent and promoter, but you can keep it simple to start with. Think about performing short sets in interesting places. Try not to limit yourself to what has come before. You don’t have to play in bars and clubs. You could try cafes, friends houses, someone’s office, public bathrooms, a bus etc… The advantage of staying in your town is that if you are able to build a small following there then you would have figured out what works and what people react well to. Then you can visit bigger cities feeling more confident.

Ra Black is a singer-songwriter, a guitarist and half of the Indie electro pop band Monarchy. Their music has been released by labels like Kitsune, Neon Gold, Ultra Records and they are now signed to Warner Music. Years of performing live and making music have made Ra Black en expert in touring, recording and revenue streams. Follow Ra Black on Instagram

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