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The deals between artists & labels vary so widely nowadays. In most instances if the label pays for the production they do own the copyright but unless you also sign over the master rights.There are alot of different types of deals in the independent label space, the most popular currently is the 360 deal (I personally am not a fan of that model).

I would highly recommend you look into a company that has a forward thinking model one that is of a position of “DO MORE, GET MORE”, what I mean by that is find a label that you can collaborate with and most importantly adds value to you and your brand. This also comes with knowing your own value and the worth of your project. A mutual collaboration model is the best model looking forward in the music industry.

Phillip Ryan Block is an artist and the CEO of Independent Ear, a successful music company specialising in recording, management, branding and booking. He recently founded Block Media Group, a Digital Ad & Creative Agency focused on branding artist and entertainment companies. Follow Ryan on Instagram.

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