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8 months ago Andrew Apanov

You should never perform any marketing activity only because everyone around seems to be doing it, or, what's more common, recommending to do it.

Try to see a bigger picture. If you've got a new record, or another event coming up, decide what you want to achieve most with it. Get more listens? Get more listeners? Turn more listeners into engaged fans? Get more fans to buy from you? Or something else? It's good to address several such questions at once, but don't count on being successful in all of them within one campaign, especially if you don't have a big marketing team supporting you.

Decide what you're ready for and what you need most, set specific goals, build a plan for achieving those goals, and decide where to focus your resources and energy at the time. For example, if you want to build a community of superfans on Patreon with your new album release, and decide where to spend the time you have allocated for marketing, then you better talk to more of your fans rather than playlist owners.

To be clear, playlists are important for reaching more people on streaming platforms, no doubt on that. But establishing relationships with influencers / bloggers / playlist owners takes time and dedication. So I would make it a part of a strategy, just treating it as a long-term game rather than a one-off "campaign" (there is a place for intensive outreach campaigns too though). Instead of trying to pitch a hundred playlists within a week, try contacting just a few every day, putting time into personalizing your messages, and do it consistently.

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