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8 months ago Ross Barber-Smith

When creating a website yourself, it can be easy to go overboard by including too much - or making it overwhelming for people who get to your site. Here are some things you should consider when creating your website:

  1. As a starting point, think about what the main purpose of your site is. This is likely to change and evolve over time, but it’s always important to know what you want people to see/do when they’re on your website. That will likely guide the design for the homepage, and also the content you want to feature in general. So if you have a new album out, you’ll likely want to promote that on the homepage. If you’re touring, you’ll want your tour dates to be up front and center. The more you can plan ahead and think about the experience of the user, the better!
  2. First impressions count! Especially for independent artists, I think strong photography is really important as this sets the tone immediately, and also gives the visitor a clear idea of who you are as an artist.
  3. Easy navigation. Don’t make people hunt around for what they’re looking for. It should be as easy as possible for them to find out who you are, to hear your music, and to get in contact with you.
  4. Mailing list signup. It’s really important to be collecting email addresses from people who visit your site. For those of us old enough to remember, we know what happened when we put all our eggs in the MySpace basket, only for it to disappear a few months later. Make sure you’ve got a direct way of keeping in touch with your audience!
  5. Social media widgets. Social media is really important for a few reasons - it shows that you’re active, and offers a way for people to engage with you. I’d definitely suggest including links to the social platforms you are most active on, and embed one or two feeds on your site to keep it up to date. Don’t go overboard though. One or two is definitely enough, and better than having 4 or 5 on there.
  6. Contact information. So many artists miss this, and it’s so important! If people can’t get in touch with you, you’re potentially missing out on some great opportunities. Don’t be that person!
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