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8 months ago Jack Oughton

Yeah I’d say so. On the main part these are quite subjective, as some people are a bit more sensitive than others. But there are a number of cliches and things that can scare people off - or just come across as arrogant. Off the top of my head my personal preference would be to avoid the following words:

“visionary“, “revolutionary “, “edgy“, “zany”, “award winning” (unless you happened to win a really important award that you could drop by name, such as, perhaps a Grammy?), “cutting edge/bleeding edge".

There’s also a ton of business buzzwords that you’re highly unlikely to use in the first place but that everybody is growing to hate. Words such as “synergy”, “innovative”, “disruptive”. Nobody wants to read that.

Avoid excessive use of superlatives such as “greatest”, best” - this is where you risk coming across as overtly egotistical or as a person making unsubstantiated claims.

Please note these lists are by no means exclusive.

As a rule: I’d say if you’re writing your own copy, get someone who is as impartial/ruthless as possible (i.e not your Mum or your bandmates) to look over it for a ‘reality check’. And someone who has experience with writing professionally - typos and grammatical errors can put people off.

Consider this: if you wouldn’t be comfortable saying the description out loud to somebody, don’t write it down. You might have to say it aloud one day!

Try to familiarise yourself with ‘weasel words’:

...And then avoid them!

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