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Mark Allen is a music supervisor and a creative sync agent. For over half a decade he worked at London based ThinkSync Music before he moved to Miami to continue his career freElance. His past projects include for American Made, Astro Gaming BBC, Studio Canal, Universal Pictures and more.
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Mark Allen

2 years ago

Pitching for placements can be a laborious and relentless process. Some key points (not exhaustive though) I would say are:

  • Be thorough and prepared (MP3s on or similar to stream and download, all material tagged with artist/title etc properly, instrumentals available on request)
  • Knowing all ownership info (it's imperative to know who owns what, and to be able to get clearance quickly and hassle-free)
  • Pitch to the right people (do some research, find out what TV shows are coming up and who might be working on them. Target select music supervisors)
  • Enlist a sync agent to pitch on your behalf Get music out to people pre-release, and don't be precious about it!
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