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Tom McFall is an engineer, producer, and songwriter who is working with globally successful artists like REM, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party and Biffy Clyro. He is also a music production tutor at British & Irish Modern Music Institute. Discover Tom’s work on his website:
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Tom McFall

2 years ago

Well, I hate to say it but you might just have to get to grips with some musical concepts. Don't be put off by the fact that you can't play an instrument, a lot of great producers can't. But that doesn't mean you can't pull up a simple synth plug-in and bash it with two fingers till you've got a bass line you like!
You could also look at getting some loops and pre-made sounds or patches that you can quickly assemble into a track. This might work for electronic music but if you're trying to make say country this is obviously not for you.
Lastly, think about collaborating. Share your great ideas with a musical friend and see what happens when you combine your talents. Its often easier to work in teams, even if at first its awkward sharing your ideas. If you don't know anyone, find someone; advertise, or hang around places musicians hang around. Gigs, bars etc.

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