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Louis Pratt,
Louis Pratt is the CEO of Discovered Attack an artist management company. He is also the Global Product Manager at Mood Media, the leading company for experimental design and marketing solutions helping brands connect with their customers.
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Louis Pratt

2 years ago

There is nobody in the world that can force you to practice but you!

Unless you prioritize practice and make time for it, practice will never occur. For some people this means they have to commit to completing their practice or creative work before any other work responsibilities. For some people this means that a certain section of the day or after the workday is solely dedicated to deliberate practice.

I’d recommend starting with something as small as 5-10 minutes a day, for a short stretch of days, say 3-5. Once you’ve successfully strung your first days of practice together repeat the process. Repeat until it no longer feels planned but part of the regular routine.

Once you’ve past the threshold of forced-habit you can start to tweak or intensify your routine. Don’t be discouraged if you miss practice in extreme circumstances, but remember: there is no practice police. You have to build the self-discipline over time to stay on course.

It’s also helpful to find simple ways to practice during other leisure activities. For example, whenever I sing along to music in the car or at home (several hours a day, typically) I choose to sing harmonies instead of the main melody. This allows me to experiment (comfortably) and connect dots and sounds in almost micro-doses.

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Suzanne Paulinski,
Suz is a mindset coach, helping music-preneurs of all types reach their goals with custom time management solutions that enable them to gain clarity on their next steps while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. She founded The Rock/Star Advocate in 2014 to spread the message of self-care in the music industry. Suz' teachings can also be found in her many guest posts for Sonicbids, CD Baby, Tunecore, and Soundfly, and on her weekly podcast - The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast.
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So it's common for people to say "there's never any time!" But, the truth is, we make time for the things that matter. In most situations like the one you're in, the place to start is to identify for yourself why practicing music is important to you.

That may feel silly, because you probably feel you already know it's important. However, sometimes we just need to reflect a bit deeper and hear ourselves verbalize it (or write it down) in order for our brains to truly focus on making it a priority.

So what does practicing music do for you? How does it make you feel? How do you feel when you don't practice? How does practicing improve/effect the other aspects of your life/career?

Take some time to write those answers out, or look in the mirror and tell yourself WHY practicing is important and the role it plays in your life.

Once you recognize it's real importance, look at your calendar. Determine how long each week you'd like to practice and schedule it on your calendar.

Set reminders. Start small so it's doable and you don't fail to keep your own appointment and get discouraged. Schedule 20 min sets a few times a week, for example, or a chunk of time one day a week. If you go longer, great! But commit to something small to begin.

Lastly, keep reminding yourself of that why until it becomes a habit. Remind yourself that you deserve to make yourself a priority. "Me time" is usually the first thing to go when we feel we don't have time. It's the oxygen mask metaphor: when that mask drops down in a plane they want you putting yours on first so you are well enough to help others.

Respect your me time enough so you can be better for others.

New habits are muscles we have to exercise and build over time. Knowing why + scheduling time + respecting that appointment = success! GOOD LUCK

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