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Tom McFall is an engineer, producer, and songwriter who is working with globally successful artists like REM, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party and Biffy Clyro. He is also a music production tutor at British & Irish Modern Music Institute. Discover Tom’s work on his website:
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Tom McFall

2 years ago

As long as you understand the basic concepts that go into a mixer you should be fine. A reasonably basic mixer such as this isn't too hard to get your head around. Sure, you'll have to spend a few days scratching your head but ultimately if you persevere you will be fine.

Look for youtube tutorials and be prepared to have your head stuck in a manual while everyone else enjoys the summer weather. If you're really stuck I could help get you started if you're in London and need a tutor otherwise ask at a local studio if anyone can help you. They may well have a junior member of staff who'd be happy to tutor you.

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