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Louis Pratt is the CEO of Discovered Attack an artist management company. He is also the Global Product Manager at Mood Media, the leading company for experimental design and marketing solutions helping brands connect with their customers.
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Louis Pratt

2 years ago

Anything you can do to collaborate with another person or external group of creatives is the way to go!

Remixes are an excellent and low-friction way to collaborate, as it doesn’t require any work from the original songwriter.

My suggestion is to find some local acts (or any acts really, the internet connects us to amazing global talent 24/7) and start a conversation! If you lock down some remixes, discuss the plan of attack around release and promotion, resources, and see where the project leads!

Personally, I complete a remix release campaign with a rock band I manage. We pulled in producers from NY, NH, and Puerto Rico to contribute remixes, and released them all together. It was an excellent experience that yielded high-quality music and increased reach to new fans in new markets.

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