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Rahul Rumalla,
Rahul Rumalla is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Paperchain.io, a company focused on solving the problem of unpaid royalties by empowering the music copyright owners with products and services. Rahul is an expert in building products using emerging technologies for the Music Industry.
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Rahul Rumalla

2 years ago

A 'peer-to-peer' network is a network of computers that are interconnected without passing through a central server. For example BitTorrent, BitCoin, Tor the browser are all examples of technologies that leverage this P2P architecture.

"Decentralized database" means that there is not central or singular copy of the database or the data in it. All the nodes ( i.e., the computers in this network ) have a copy of the entire database, the Blockchain.

Centralization in computing world is a very traditional form of design and architecture. With the advent of BitCoin among other things, this has changed in the recent years.

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