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Shelby Kennedy,
The Vice President of Entertainment Relations at TuneCore a digital music distribution service and well as music publishing administration services. Since 1996 he is also the owner of Porch Pickin’ Publishing.
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Shelby Kennedy

1 year ago

The biggest streaming platform is also difficult to identify. There are different platforms and it depends on how the consumers are using them. There is interactive streaming and non-interactive streaming. The interactive platforms allow the listener to listen to the specific track they want to hear and the non-interactive streaming platforms act more like traditional radio stations where the listener doesn’t know exactly what they will be hearing next. Each country and territory may vary in the most popular platforms as well. I wouldn’t worry about the size of a platform when thinking about my focus. I would focus on any platform where there is an audience that should discover you. Focussing on the size of the platform might be like asking if your audience is living in high-rises or in small houses? I imagine they live in both and you need to reach both because everybody deserves to discover and hear you. Reach them where they reside and that is in every size of the streaming platform.

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